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Create From Pleasure

Create From Pleasure

We are the master architects of our lives. 

We are ultimate creator beings and we are here to live a life that not only uplifts others but also uplifts our selves. So many of us feel this calling: to put something wonderful out into the world. Whether that just be love and to brighten someone’s day or to create a masterpiece that will live on long after we’re gone. 


Due to circumstances and our inner and outer world, sometimes it's hard to create, and we feel stuck. When this kind of stagnancy happens, we can always look to break through by tuning into what lights us up and gives us pleasure. 


When we create from a place of pleasure we are creating with our heart and soul. We are allowing ourselves to shine through our work and we create something invaluable because it’s unique. It doesn't matter if it is a report for work, a turkey sandwich for your child, or a passion project; when we find pleasure in our work, the impact is so much greater. 

 When we create from pleasure, the joy of the task carries us through, and we are so much more likely to finish whatever it is without getting burned out.  Even the aspects that are not our favorite are lightened, and we are more motivated. 

 Creating from a place of pleasure is completely up to us. It’s all about our mindset. We get to decide how we approach our lives and everything in it.  Even so, it can be difficult to cultivate this kind of attitude. Practice is crucial and the fun part. 

 Every day, look for ways to bring pleasure into the ordinary or droll. Incorporate the things that make you happy as often as possible and soon it will become second nature. 

You will look for the pleasure in everything and way more often than not, you will be able to find it in large amounts. 

As we say goodbye to February, our month of Pleasure, we’re inspired by how much joy there is in our work. Pleasure is not hiding from us! It’s all around, and we just have to allow ourselves to let it in so we can lead happier, more fulfilled lives. 

That is the lesson we have learned this month and will carry with us through the rest of the year. 

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