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The Pleasure of Home

The Pleasure of Home

When you have been away from home for a while, there is no better feeling than crossing the threshold and stepping into your sanctuary. It's almost like an invisible force sweeps over you and carries away the stress and weight of the outside world, and you can breathe deeply.

Your feet feel more firmly rooted, and your mind becomes calm and quiet. At Divine Purity, we call this “The Pleasure of Home,” and it’s one of the most important things we can experience because HOME means so much to us. 

Home is all about feeling: how it makes you feel and experience the sights, tastes, sounds, touches, and especially the smells. The smell of your home should elicit happiness and comfort. To us, the scent of a home is almost like a family member in and of itself. Always there to greet you and deeply familiar. 

Our heart-centered connection to our home is more deeply tied to our sense of smell than we realize, and it is important to curate the scent to represent you. There is little more satisfying than letting your favorite candle burn for an hour, leaving the house for a few minutes, and having the scent be the first thing to greet you on your way back in. These simple things elevate our lives and bring pleasure to our experience of home. 

We have found a system and style of decorating and curating our homes that feels right to us, and we encourage you to do the same. There is no right or wrong, just what fits you best. We always encourage limiting clutter and creating clean lines of sight to accentuate the things that best reflect who you are.  

Make your home beautiful in your eyes, and be amazed at how you are rewarded with pleasure and joy whenever you are there. 

Here are 5 tips for creating a beautiful, pleasurable sanctuary:

Move out clutter

Get rid of anything and everything that doesnt serve a purpose. If you havent used it in 6 months… it’s probably safe to toss or store out of sight.

Keep it Clean

Set a schedule for cleaning and organizing and stick to it. Try doing little bits at a time so you dont get overwhelmed with a big clean that could take a whole weekend.

Bring in your favorite textures and colors

A single throw pillow can do WONDERS to the esthetic and feel of a room. Head to your favorite home goods store and find something that inspires you with joy.

Incorporate soothing sounds

Bring in a small water feature or wind chimes outside. The sound adds depth to the comfortable ambiance of your home. 

Warm your heart with scents (OUR favorite)

Intentionally choose fragrances in the form of your favorite candle, incense, and room sprays for your home. Create a fun ritual out of lighting or spraying the scents and do it every time.  Putting this kind of intention into your home will come back to you in the form of love. 

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