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Divine Purity Aurapothecary is..

our collection of intuitively handcrafted aromatherapy and body care that supports you during your time of self-care, healing, and spirituality. Enhance your mood and create a sacred space for introspection as you connect to the transcendent power of aromas combined with intention.

Cocoa Amber Combo

Divine Feminine Energy at its best!!

Yes, Yes, and Yes!!

Meet The Visionary

I'm Cassandra, just a regular human being that decided to answer the calling of my purpose to heal and operate in the gift of transparency. I understand the journey to healing because I'm still on it. I also understand the need to feel loved, nurtured, and supported during the process of it all, and that's why Divine Purity Aurapothecary exists. My healing energy is the desire to see you become your best self by doing “the work”. Every product we offer is infused with my healing energy and love for aromatherapy. When we do the work to discover why we are the way we are, we can then dig deep to remove the weeds from the garden of our soul, but this does not come without getting dirty. Once again, it's all a process. Healing looks good on you.

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