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Divine Purity Aurapothecary is..

our collection of intuitively handcrafted aromatherapy and body care that supports you during your time of self-care, healing, and spirituality. Enhance your mood and create a sacred space for introspection as you connect to the transcendent power of aromas combined with intention.

Meet The Visionary

Hi! I am Cassandra Tucker Owner and Creator of Divine Purity Aurapothecary, LLC. I started this journey in 2012 after my husband and I cared for my elderly grandmother, Elcie. I became passionate about mental and emotional stability while growing through my own emotional and mental traumas, which is why I understand the importance of healing from the inside out. Many of my handmade creations are used on your skin; and I've created each one to incorporate mindfulness into everyday practices by using high vibrational ingredients that contain essential oils and various other fragrances to aid in your overall wellness. I use the principles of alchemy to transform the mundaneness of life into unexpected moments of captured bliss especially when you tune inward.

Divine Purity Aurapothecary's mission is to help people take self-care beyond the skin into living life with care, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude for one's self and the world.

Welcome to intentional healing.

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