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Aura Alchemy Candle Collection

Aura Alchemy Candle Collection

Invite good, high vibration energy into your space, and clear away any negative vibes with our mood inspired fragrances.

Lighting a candle serves different purposes. People light candles to fragrance a room, add a nice ambiance to a space, or set a particular mood. No matter the reason, there is something magical that happens. A candle transforms any space that it's added to. 

Symbolically, lighting a candle represents all five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and spirit. This is the reason lighting a candle is so powerful.

Wick = Earth
Melted Wax = Water
Burning Wick = Fire 
The oxygen used to keep the wick burning = Air
And your intention = Spirit

The 5 candles that make up this collection will assist you in working on parts of your life that will lead to healing and happiness.


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