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3 Benefits of Being Present

3 Benefits of Being Present

Being present means our mind, body, and spirit are joined in the now. We aren't thinking about the past. We aren't projected into the future. We are wholly in whatever moment we are experiencing right then and there. For most of us, this is a rare state and usually doesn't happen without some intention behind it. We are a busy bunch of people, constantly wondering what we should have for dinner or mentally moving pieces around to figure out that next big project. And while this is an inherently human way of being now, when we splice ourselves from the present moment like this, we abandon our power.

You see, the only place we have power, our true power, is in the present moment. We can't do anything about the past, and we can't do anything about the future from this moment in the present. The only thing that has any impact is what we are doing right now. 

Of course, we can plan for the future. If we need to go to the store, we can plan the best route, and by that, we are projecting into the future, but that's as far as we can go. The DOING happens in the now. When we project ourselves into the past or the future, we can create a lot of unnecessary worries. 

How many times have you run yourself into the ground worrying about something that never came to pass? I know I have done it countless times. I do it every day! This eats up a lot of mental and physical energy that could  be used on something much more pleasant and productive. We will discuss how to bring more presence into our lives in a later blog, but for now, let's discuss 3 benefits of being present.

3 Benefits of Being Present

1. Less stress

As I touched on above, when we are focused on the present moment, there is less stress than when we are projected into the past or the future. When we tune into our five senses and experience what's going on around us, we move away from problem-solving and into just being. When something comes up that needs our attention, like the tea kettle going off or another issue that needs to be addressed, we move instinctually to take care of it with very little thought. Drawing our attention to what is going on around us and moving with the flow of the day gives our mind and adrenal system such a recharge and can make us feel more energized, focused, and calm.

2. Greater connection

There is little more important than intimate relationships with the ones we care about. When we bring our full attention and presence to our interaction with others, we create a deep and meaningful connection that allows us to truly know the other person. Putting away not only our phones but also our focus on the past and future means that our hearts and minds are tuned in and ready to receive and give. This is especially important in conversations. When listening to the other person, rather than thinking about what you want to say in response, or mulling over what they said a few moments back, try to focus on and process each thing they are saying as they are saying it. Then after they are finished, you can ask questions about anything you want more clarity on or want to revisit.

3. Intuitive Depth

We all have intuition. It is part of being human. Sometimes there are things that we just know. Like when you have a feeling to call a dear friend after a long time and discover that they are having a hard time and need your advice. Or when we just “know” to take a certain unusual route home and later find out there was a big traffic jam that would have cost us an extra hour on our way home.
When we are projected into the past or future trying to problem solve or replaying something that has happened, we are not connected to the place within us where our intuition lives. We are not open to information from this power part of us. That part of us only resides in and can only communicate with us when we are present in the now. Our intuition is a major part of our intelligence, and we use it all of the time. It gives us answers to problems and solutions that are often much more comprehensive than what our minds alone can come up with. This is a part of us that we want connection to as often as possible. 

The benefits of being present are so far-reaching and doing so can elevate every area of our lives. Anxiety reduces the more time we spend in the now. Relationships heal and deepen, and we get greater intuitive depth and abilities that help us not only survive but thrive. Keep reading for tips on how to bring more presence into your life and the easiest way to achieve all these wonderful benefits.  
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