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Pour Into What Lights You Up

Pour Into What Lights You Up

Sometimes pleasure can feel like an indulgence or even something we have to take sneakily or shamefully, but in reality, pleasure is the gateway to joy and happiness... and we ALL deserve those things just because we exist. 

When we actively invest in the things that give us pleasure, we live a life that lights us up, and we can share that light to our families and communities. It’s time to ask ourselves how often we intentionally invest in our own pleasure and allowing it to be a priority rather than an afterthought. Probably not often enough, so let’s get into the 30 Days of Pleasure 

Take this challenge and commit to this and you will absolutely elevate your life. You have everything to gain.

3 Steps to More Pleasure Everyday

Step 1: Sit for 30 minutes and meditate with gratitude in your heart about all of the things you enjoy in your life. 

When we sit with gratitude and reflect on the things in our life that bring us happiness and joy, it becomes so clear that our life is overflowing with opportunities to feel pleasure. As you contemplate these things, make a list in a journal or on paper.  Let this list flow, and don’t hold back. No matter how big or small, if it makes you happy and grateful for it, put it on the list! 

Step 2: Rank each item on the list numerically. 

Review your list and rank each, with number one being the thing you adore experiencing the most and the largest number being the least. This process doesn't have to be perfect, and please don't spend too much time here (no perfectionism required). Doing this will bring awareness around what  you truly love doing and how important they are to you. 

Step 3: Book your calendar with the things you love

This is where it gets REALLY fun (and even more fun if you actually follow through, which you DEFINITELY should!!) 

Take out your google calendar, Trello board, or whatever scheduling tool you use on a daily basis. It’s time to commit to pleasure in your life for 30 days! Looking at your list, start adding items to EACH DAY for 30 days. Some of the items can repeat. For example if you have “Take a luxurious bath with  DP’s Goddess Bath Bomb Powder” you can-and should- put that on your calendar as many times as you like! Sounds like a perfect Sunday evening self-care ritual to me!

On your list you may have larger activities like “travel,” which maybe harder to plan in 30 days. Get creative! Try planning a short day trip to a new destination over a weekend. The more the activity lights you up, the MORE IMPORTANT it is for it to be on the list. 

Try your hardest to follow through with your calendar and prioritize pleasure over these 30 days. This is the perfect way to shake up your month, infusing new energy and perspective, as well as the most important thing: focusing your energy on ENJOYING this beautiful life we have been given. 

It’s time to enjoy our lives. With everything going on, it has become so clear that we must make our own happiness a priority because the outside world certainly is not going to. 

Honor your life as the precious gift it is by enjoying the simple, simple pleasures that our lives queue up for us every day. When we allow ourselves to know what brings us pleasure we can build pleasurable lives. Our pleasures are our soul’s way of telling us what fills us up and energizes us.
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