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Embrace the Equinox

Embrace the Equinox

Get the Fall Equinox Space Clearing Guide here

The start of Autumn and the equinox next week remind us that it’s time to start the season of release and give the mind, body, and spirit what they need for the upcoming months of winter. 

The Fall Equinox is a special time. After all the sowing and reaping of the year, the great harvest is coming. You’ve worked all year with beautifully aligned effort, dear one. It’s time for a slower pace, to release things whose time has come to an end, and to open and allow the abundance of what your intention and effort created.

At Divine Purity, our mission is to support your journey by producing products that help attune your mind, body, and spirit to the power within you. Our Equinox Toasted Pumpkin Spice scent invokes the feeling of cozy warm sweaters,  reflection and self-care, and deliciously soothing comfort food to be shared with loved ones.

The Fall Equinox is all about satisfaction and gratitude for what we have made. Our Equinox line brings the feeling of warmth and security into your home whenever you light a candle or incense. 

To prepare for this transition, we suggest preforming Fall Equinox space clearing in your home. This will help you align with your intention for the new season. Get your Divine Equinox products here and get started: 

Fall Equinox Space Clearing Guide

The beginning of the season is the perfect time to do an energetic clearing on your home. The transition to Fall is especially powerful as we transmute the summer’s dynamic power into an energy of reception and receivership. Follow this guide to shift the energy of your home for a smooth transition into the abundance of fall.

  1. Light 1-3 Equinox Candles or incense and spread them out around your home.
  2. Sit in quiet reflection for 5-10 minutes and set your intention to clear any old energy from your home that no longer supports your highest good and happiness. Call in your higher powers and ask for assistance in this.
  3. Open the windows and screened doors to allow for fresh air to come in and carry away the old.
  4. Using the Equinox incense, carefully move through your home, fanning the rising smoke with a feather or leaf into each corner of the rooms you are clearing. Thank the old energy as you ask it to leave. Thank the new energy as you usher it in.
  5. Sit in quiet gratitude for this blessed new season of life and for the season that has passed. Allow yourself to align with the new energy of your home.
  6. Enjoy the soothing and comforting scent of your home for the rest of the day.


Journal Prompt:

What am I ready to let go of to make more space in my life? What am I willing to surrender to my higher power to take care of? How can I be more present and less “busy” this season?

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