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3 Tips to Stay Centered this Holiday Season

3 Tips to Stay Centered this Holiday Season

The holidays can be a stressful time of year for EVERYONE. With so much anticipation and so much planning, it's easy to get overwhelmed! Here are 3 ways to stay centered this holiday season! 

Create a plan. Get with your loved ones and make a schedule of what the holidays are going to look like for your family! 

  • Who is in charge of what for special family meals together? 
  • What is a good day to go group shopping? 
  • Where or when will you do special traditions like shopping for or decorating the tree? 

  • When you start with a plan and map the season out it removed the guesswork out and allows for much more breathing room.

    Take time to enjoy. There is so much to love about this time of the year but sometimes with our “to-do” lists flowing over we don't get a chance to stop and smell the mulled wine 😉. 

    Make sure the busyness is adding to your excitement and doesn't cross over into fueling your anxiety. To do this take time out to just relax, be with loved ones, and take time for yourself at LEAST once a week to reflect on the past year and all of its many blessings.

    One of our favorite ways to relax is by indulging in our new Comfort and Joy Shower Steamer. Simply place the steamer in your shower and as it comes into contact with the hot water it dissolves and releases cinnamon, orange, and clove essential oil aromatherapy. Be prepared to be warmed inside and out. 


    Remember the true reason for the season. Beyond the decorations, delicious food, social events, and gifts the core of this season is LOVE. The love you have for your family, friends, and life and the gratitude that springs from that love. 

    Focus on that and determine to strip away as much as you can of the extraneous holiday hoopla to make room for more of what really matters. 


    Want to experience a truly peaceful and happy season? Share this list with your family and set the group intention to carry it out. With everyone on board, you can’t help to have your best holiday season yet!



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