Lavender Refresher Mist

Lavender Refresher Mist

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Allow our Lavender Refresher Mist to deliver a therapeutic and relaxing spa aromatherapy experience.

Inhale deeply and let the scent carry your mind away while the oil works its magic. Allow the aroma of our Lavender Refresher Mist to infuse your entire space.`



Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Denatured Alcohol, Lavender Essential Oil.


How to Use:  

Spray on the walls of your shower or into the steam above your shower head. 

Shake well and spray. Lavender Refresher Mist can be used to spray your atmosphere, linen, yoga mat. (please avoid spraying sensitive areas). FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

If you are using it as a pillow spray, allow it to dry before placing your head on the pillow.



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