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Comfort and Joy Shower Steamer (Cinnamon, Orange, Clove Essential Oil Blend)

Comfort and Joy Shower Steamer (Cinnamon, Orange, Clove Essential Oil Blend)

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Our Shower Steamers are the perfect way to add aromatherapy into your everyday life. And this one is our Holiday Blend that we named Comfort and Joy. It is the perfect blend for the season.

Combining the steam from your shower with our Shower Steamers will do wonders for your physical and emotional well-being.

Inhale goodness - exhale bulls*t.  

 Citrus Steamer Benefits and Ingredients:

Sweet Orange Essential Oil supports you while working on overcoming the mindset of scarcity and releasing stagnant energy.

Cinnamon Essential Oil encourages generosity, oneness, and inner warmth (joy).

Clove Essential Oil encourages stimulation, trust, and inspiration.


Packaging and How To Use:

Contains 1 shower steamer that's perfect for 1-2 showers.

You can place our shower steamer on your shower floor or the soap ledge. As it comes in contact with water, it will fizz and become effervescent. Take some deep breaths and relax as your shower steamer fizzes -  releasing the power of essential oils.

For Best Results:

-Use Hot water - the humidity from the steam magnifies your experience.

-Keep Your Curtain or Shower Door Closed - this helps to hold the steam in.

If you want to get more than one use from your shower tablet, do not place it in the direct flow of the water.

DO NOT use it as a bath bomb, intended for shower use ONLY. For external use ONLY!



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