Citrus Aura Bliss Body Oil

Citrus Aura Bliss Body Oil

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Citrus Aura Bliss Body Oil is what I consider POSITIVE ENERGY in a bottle. Intentionally tapped into the vibrant aromas of the citrus family. Sweet Orange Essential Oil is known as the Oil of Abundance. Lemon Essential Oil is known as the Oil of Focus. This powerful duo will help you increase positivity and help you restore joy and happiness by boosting energy levels, mood, and focus.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil supports you while working on overcoming the mindset of scarcity and releasing stagnant energy.

Lemon Essential Oil supports and encourages you to live in the present moment and helps you to embrace your inner child.

Remember: Joy is an inside job - Use this oil as a "pick me up" anytime you are having moments of feeling depressed, lethargic, or sluggish.

Welcome happiness, positivity, and a zest for life into your aura and allow it to exude from your essence.


Baobab Oil, Argan Oil, Safflower Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Castor Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, and Sweet Orange Essential Oil.


How To Use:

Use this body oil after taking a long hot bath or shower. You can use this oil from head to toe. Once you are done moisturizing your skin, cup your hands over your nose, close your eyes, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat this for at least 5 breathing cycles and think about things that genuinely make you happy. Be present in the moment.


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