Happy 2022! We are working hard to restock your favorite Divine Purity Goodies. Please be patient with us!

Seasonal Incense and Candles

Seasonal Incense and Candles

Our hand-dipped charcoal incense is prepared and packaged in cute little kraft tubes right in our home-based studio. The incense fragrances that we have chosen create a metamorphic ambiance to any space. The aroma lasts for hours after its burn time. 

We have also included candles to match your favorite seasonal incense. Our candles are made with wooden wicks that have a crackle effect. This collection is sure to appeal to all your senses.

So sit back and tap into the nostalgia of the season! Experience the aroma of fire toasted marshmallows, pumpkin pie, warm apple cider, all the way to a fresh-cut Christmas Tree, and fragrances in between.

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