Hey Queen, You Are Grounded and Protected!

The Earth Aura Bliss Collection is about BEING GROUNDED AND SECURE. I Melodically blended The Oil of Abundance commonly known as Sweet Orange Essential Oil with Patchouli, which is known as the Oil of Physicality. Together this synergistic blend will help you to become calm, grounded, and at peace with yourself as you work toward true self-acceptance from a SOULULAR level.

Patchouli supports you on a deep level helping you to feel at peace while being present in your physical body. This essential oil helps you to accept yourself just as you are and is especially helpful in the times you are dealing with any sort of body shame.

Sweet Orange supports you while working on overcoming the mindset of scarcity and releasing old stagnant energy.

Remember: You Are Authentically Made. Use this magical blend when you need a boost of self-esteem.

Welcome tranquility into your aura as you learn to embrace your divine birthright.

Note: Some items will show up in this collection that will not always have the same exact notes, but they will complement the aroma for a total mind/body/spirit experience. 

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